Overture: An Introduction to ConSerts

Conditional Safety Certificates (ConSerts) offer a novel way to assure the safety of open and adaptive systems. They work in a model-based manner, leveraging type systems, boolean success trees, and demand-guarantee logic to formalize safety concepts.

This book is an introduction to the concept of ConSerts, showing their use cases, integration in the overall systems safety process, as well as details on the implementation (both during design- and runtime). The book is targeted towards practitioners and aims to provide a go-to-reference for learning more about ConSerts, an approach that has so far been primarily accessible in the form of scientific publications.

This book is authored by Fraunhofer IESE, but intended to be open-source so that other authors can contribute their experiences, use cases, or additions with respect to ConSerts. More legal details can be found here.

Fraunhofer IESE